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Time-wasters and what to do with them

I went to a business seminar yesterday supported by a local authority. It was about getting more sales. We got onto the subject of identifying who our customers are. One lady who owns a pet shop explained that she knows … Continue reading

What is your budget?

A: What is your budget? B: I won’t tell you. A: Here’s a proposal and a price. B: It’s too much. A: What is your budget? If you want to buy a house or a car it’s largely dependent on … Continue reading

Wonga style technology for the insurance industry without paying over the odds

Love them or loathe them, Wonga and other pay day loan companies have certainly seized the initiative when it comes to making it super-easy to borrow money. The process of seeing how much you can borrow and what it’s going … Continue reading

CMS updates and other things… today in the studio

Today in the Areoff Studio we’ve been doing a wide range of design work and tasks including: Maintaining client websites including for a manufacturing company, travel insurance blog and business services website to the latest version of WordPress 3.6 Designing … Continue reading

New Financial Regulation, new name and new logo – that’ll be £200k for the last bit.

The old Financial Services regulator has now transitioned into the new FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and with it comes the necessary new logo and rebrand. But the cost of just under £200,000 that was revealed under a Freedom of Information Request … Continue reading

Insurance and Financial WordPress websites are under attack

Forgot about the world’s biggest and ugliest governments spying on us and infiltrating our every single email, tweet, post and whatever online communication effort – you’ve got nothing to fear because you’re doing nothing wrong. Right? The bigger fear right … Continue reading

Simply better government online

Glad to see that the two government websites DirectGov and BusinessLink have been replaced by www.gov.uk – it’s simply better to consolidate a number of websites into one, particularly when you’re the government and people need to find out important … Continue reading

Do yourself a favour and check your own website. You might be surprised.

I just did a search on a term that our own website ranks well for “logo design for financial services”. I was pleased to see that our site is at the top of Google for this term. However, I naturally … Continue reading

Foreshore – photographic collection

Eight representations of change, transition, uncertainty, ambiguity, aspiration. Drawing upon the childhood memories of day trips down on the beach, sand in my hair, ice creamy mess, penny slot machines and going that way back to the station to catch … Continue reading

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