An email I sent to my clients about the Google Mobile-Friendly Update

As part of giving you the best advice when it comes to your website and helping you be profitable online we have some news for you: from 21st April Google is changing the way it ranks websites and displays the … Continue reading

Just turning up IS enough

Shoot, then wind. Ship to the next person. That was the instruction. I’m part of a photographic project called Twelve Photographers. And our mission is to shoot one roll of photographic film between the twelve of us – one shot … Continue reading

Is your website designer mobile-friendly?

The iPhone is now seven years old and has come a long way since Steve Jobs first introduced it at his legendary Keynote speech that have continued to be a hype-fuelled annual media event event since his passing in 2011. … Continue reading

Time-wasters and what to do with them

I went to a business seminar yesterday supported by Southend Borough Council. It was about getting more sales. We got onto the subject of identifying who our customers are. One lady who owns a pet shop explained that she knows … Continue reading

The site doesn’t look right on my computer

That’s a pretty damning thing to say about the work a web designer has done. But I get that response from time to time after I have poured countless hours into designing and building a website for a client. However, … Continue reading

“This stuff needs to be above the fold”

It’s still something that I hear clients asking me about and specifying in their projects – it’s an outdated requirement that stems back to those days before multiple platforms like 27″ flat-as-a-pancake monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones. And smartwatches? Read about … Continue reading

What is your budget?

A: What is your budget? B: I won’t tell you. A: Here’s a proposal and a price. B: It’s too much. A: What is your budget? If you want to buy a house or a car it’s largely dependent on … Continue reading

Letterpress Business Cards are the perfect accompaniment for people with sartorial style

These cards were produced for Grey Fox Blog, the style and fashion blog for men over 40. So what better than some hand type-set, hand-printed (on a vintage letterpress machine), hand-cut to imperfection calling cards to complement the look and … Continue reading

Wonga style technology for the insurance industry without paying over the odds

Love them or loathe them, Wonga and other pay day loan companies have certainly seized the initiative when it comes to making it super-easy to borrow money. The process of seeing how much you can borrow and what it’s going … Continue reading

Self-promotion letterpress business cards

Join the letterpress revolution and smell the ink! Ok, so a bit of self promotion never did anyone any harm and neither does some gorgeous letterpress print. All things vintage and retro are the flavour of the moment and our … Continue reading