Letterpress calling cards for a creative director

Handprinted letterpress calling cards for Designer, Instagram / Film Photographer and former Creative Director at moo.com

Set with lead type and printed on premium quality 100% cotton Cranes Lettra card for the ultimate in rustic, uncoated textureness.

With his time at moo.com, Dan knows a thing or two about business cards, calling cards, visiting cards and the like. So when we produced these letterpress cards for him, he was bowled over by the rustic and non-technological quality of these little beauties, not to mention the butchers twine, kraft wrapped package they’re presented in.

And what better to complement these superb calling cards than a handmade leather cardholder that will store your cards safely and with love.

Letterpress calling cards for Creative Director Dan Rubin

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Images photographed by Dan Rubin.

Print in the quantity you need that meets your deadlines and gets the message across

We are experienced in print for professional and specialist businesses, insurance, financial services and public sector organisations.

With current technology making digital print virtually indistinguishable from traditional litho printing for most requirements we can print what you need with no cost penalty at either end of the quantity scale.

Examples of things we design and print are stationery, brochures, posters, direct marketing and mailings, presentations, forms and documentation, exhibition signage and banners. But the full list is much longer so please Get in touch to discuss your printing requirements for a friendly chat about your design and print requirements.

Even before we started designing websites back in the late 1990’s we were providing a design and print service to our clients.

Today we continue to offer a bespoke and commercial print service including short-run digital print, traditional litho print and specialised formats including letterpress and foil blocking.

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What is your budget?

A: What is your budget?

B: I won’t tell you.

A: Here’s a proposal and a price.

B: It’s too much.

A: What is your budget?

If you want to buy a house or a car it’s largely dependent on what money you’ve got to spend. You can get one that does the job in some shape or form but it’s the budget you have that determines what it does in addition to the basic function, how it looks, its size, its perceived status, and so on.

If you want to buy a bag of pasta, your budget determines what perceived quality and freshness of product you’re going to receive – and your potential enjoyment of it.

The same applies with website design, logos, graphic design, print and the other services we provide as a creative outfit. So we always ask “what is your budget?”.

Admittedly, this question is sometimes met with a raised eyebrow but there is a genuine motive behind our question.

It is not simply to say: “if your budget is £x, then this is what we are going to charge you for essentially the same product.”

But instead we ask because we’d say: “if your budget is £x, then this is what we can deliver for that money. This is how long we can spend on the project (because much of what creatives do is based on time spent, with raw materials often being a small proportion of the overall cost), here are the features and capabilities it can have, this is the robustness of the platform (if it is a website or online solution), this is the level of design intricacy, these are the creative elements like imagery, illustrations and graphics that can be included as part of the project.”

We’d also be selling ourselves short and not providing you as our client with the best of our service and experience if we crudely said: “these are the three price based options, please pick one.” This is because all our projects are bespoke and based on your needs that we discuss with you and recommendations we make. The price-point approach works in a supermarket, where there might be three different brands of baked bean – the premium, the mid-range and the own-branded value offering. But it doesn’t work for what we do where we are delivering something that’s a one-off and not in a can or a box or a tube.

So early on in the discussion we ask the question: “what is your budget?”

Bespoke business card design and print for an insurance entrepreneur




This client came to us to commision a run of ultra-simply designed business cards which would create a wow! first impression. In a bold, but we think inspired move, all he wanted was his email address on the business cards as he would be handing them out to contacts who would already know him and what he does.

After working on a number of designs our client settled on one where the email address appears at the foot of a portrait card so that his thumb and forefinger would be holding the top of the card leaving a clear space for the email address set in Copperplate Gothic to be clearly visible by the recepient at the point of handover.

After sourcing a number of premium card stocks to fulfill our client’s brief of something “weighty and exuding credibility”, he settled upon a dark, intense, richly deep dark blue card called Sirio. And weighing in at a mighty 700gsm it’s a card that really does pack a punch and knocks those flimsy, easy discarded cards you often see into a cocked hat.

The obvious printing method for a dark heavy card like this where standard litho simply wouldn’t look right and would be impractical due to the thickness of the stock, is hot-foiling. After much deliberation and a number of press-proofs, our client opted for DXC 20 gloss dark blue foil supplied by Phillips Foils.

We’re chuffed with the result and so is our client who has received the reaction he intended for this business cards – or should we say ‘visiting card’ since it is more akin to the card that became fashionable in the 18th Century when a person’s name was all that was required on a card rather than the plethora of business straplines, product descriptions and contact information we are used to seeing these days. The difference being that our clients name is expressed as an email address – taking the visiting card concept and making it bang up-to-date.

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Digital print booklets


When my clients need a small run of booklets (or any other print for that matter) and they need them fast, our digital print service is the answer. Excellent quality, great stock, fast turnaround and most importantly at an affordable cost where conventional litho printing is simply too expensive and too slow.