Exceptional digital and brand experiences

I was born in a printshop with the smell of ink in my nostrils and paper between my toes. I inherited this small business at 17 and was faced with the dilemma of keeping the printing press running, or to go to University. Despite achieving three decent A-Levels: English (A), Government & Politics (A) and History (B) and I ended up sticking with print, in order to support my widowed mother. This is where my formal education ended. 

From the very start, and for the last 25 years, I have constantly evolved and adapted. By using my multi-disciplined skills as technologies have changed, I have excelled at bringing about substantial value to the projects I work on. In essence, my unconventional and varied background gives me a unique insight and a commercial approach to all projects that I work on.

I create exceptional digital and brand experiences. This means I approach every project and task from the perspective of the user. This approach delivers immense value to strategically important projects; by ensuring a simple, intuitive and easy to use product. I am obsessed with typography, shapes, colours, textures and more abstract concepts like mood and tone, whether it is written language, visual elements, motion or voice. This aesthetic and creative approach allows me to output work that is not only correct in its details but also appropriate and effective in its look and feel. In other words, my work is always a worthy brand asset. I work for a myriad of organisations and businesses; from global institutions, multi-nationals and charities; to the smallest of businesses who expect value and effective results.

I always deliver. I go that extra mile to provide credible and commercially viable designs for the projects I work on. Furthermore, by questioning assumptions and conventions, I will go to the places that others overlook, with passion, a vocation and a clear vision. I am very easy to get along with and I am very happy as part of any team. However, I am also self-sufficient and able to operate outside of this environment to suit the individual needs of my clients.

To find out what I can achieve for you, please email or call 07919 554592.