When time allows I can be found tinkering with lead type, old printing blocks and printing using a hand operated tabletop printing press.

I come from seven generations of printers. I was born with the smell of ink in my nostrils and paper between my toes in my father's print shop. His legacy was my inheritance and exploring typography, colour, design and constraints that are inherent in letterpress printing is an important outlet for my creativity.

"Those things that we now see as ‘inconsistencies’ thanks to the precision of digital, are the hallmarks of letterpress." – Dan Rubin

You can keep up with those tinkerings over at Instagram.

Letterpress test prints

My long term letterpress project involves making one-off accidental test prints. These are pieces that have come about as a result of doing test prints of whatever it is I'm working on at the time. In order to set up the press with the correct inking, positioning and proofing of the letters I've set or the blocks I want to print I repeatedly print onto the same pieces of paper or card to save wasting new stock. I keep these test prints because I can use them again and again for proofing future projects. But every now and again it turns out these multiple random printings look pretty good and make for design pieces in themselves. I keep these happy accidents.

These prints aren't on general sale but if you are interested in buying one please contact me.